Case Study.


Defending an Incumbent

Montana U.S. Senate Race 2020

  • Senator Steve Daines defeats Steve Bullock


The Problem.

Sought to keep control

As Republicans sought to keep control of the U.S. Senate in 2020, Montana was a key battleground for both parties. Incumbent Republican Steve Daines was facing off against the popular outgoing Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock. Steve Bullock was highly funded and well-known.


Unfavorability vs Favorability

As the direct-mail vendor for Steve Daines’ U.S. Senate campaign, Arena knew our mail needed to cut through the noise. Steve Bullock was a popular Governor, and Steve Daines was still serving his first term. To deliver Daines a victory on Election Day, we had to increase Bullock’s unfavorability while also reminding voters why they elected Daines in 2014.

Arena focused our efforts in the mailbox on defining Bullock as a radical liberal who was out of touch with Montana values and misused taxpayer funds. Our mail strategy relied on targeted messages and creative designs that helped to define Bullock.


Reelected with 55% of the vote

On Election Day 2020, Senator Daines was reelected with 55% of the vote and stopped Democrats from picking up a key Senate seat.

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