Our Story

Who we are

Arena is a team of experienced professional marketing and creative strategic consultants. Our passion lies in taking your message from inception to targeted delivery. We listen to you and give our best advice. Our superior customer service, creative and targeting deliver winning results. Specializing in direct mail and digital advertising, we will be an integral part of your team. We do it better than anyone else. We will stand in the Arena with you to win!

Company History

Arena may not have started in a log cabin, but our roots are humble. With nothing more than an Apple computer and a spare bedroom of a rented apartment, Peter Valcarce started producing unique, voter-focused direct mail in 1996. In the ensuing election cycles, Arena has racked up wins on races of all kinds from School Board to President.

Now, more than two decades later, our team may have grown–but we have never forgotten our roots. The superior customer service that led to our growth is the foundation that leads to our clients’ successes today.

As a full-service mail and digital political consulting firm, we have the tools and resources needed to win in today’s political arena. We are proud to stand in the fight to win with our clients, sharing the expertise we’ve earned winning campaigns across the country.


Events important to Arena and our clients

  • 1/2/1996

    Arena opens its doors, based in an attic with nothing more than a Mac computer

  • 10/1/1997

    Arena moves into an 800-square-foot office

  • 9/1/1998

    Arena designs its 100th mail piece

  • 11/7/2000

    Montana elects Judy Martz its first female governor

  • 10/31/2001

    Arena is named the 395th fastest-growing privately-held company in America by Inc. Magazine

  • 11/5/2002

    Jim Douglas is elected the first Republican governor of Vermont in a decade

  • 11/2/2004

    George W. Bush is reelected to the presidency

  • 11/30/2006

    Once again, Arena is honored by Inc. Magazine, this time as the 123rd fastest-growing private-held company

  • 6/15/2009

    Arena designs is 5,000th mail piece

  • 11/2/2010

    Mary Fallin is elected the first female governor of Oklahoma; Kelly Ayotte is elected the first Republican female U.S. Senator from New Hampshire

  • 1/4/2011

    In addition to high-quality mail, Arena begins offering digital marketing services, marking the beginning of Arena Online.

  • 6/5/2012

    Scott Walker avoids a recall by winning special election

  • 1/1/2013

    Arena Online opens its doors

  • 9/15/2014

    Arena designs its 10,000th mail piece

  • 11/8/2016

    The Minnesota Senate turns red

  • 11/6/2018

    Republicans maintain control of the Michigan Supreme Court

  • 5/1/2019

    Arena Communications and Arena Online become “Arena”

  • 1/1/2020

    To keep up with rapid growth, moves into a new 15,000 sq. foot office space